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Best Western
Hôtel Le Bellevu
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Best Western 
Hôtel Le Bellevue


Organize your next business seminar at Hotel Bellevue Quiberon, located in an idyllic seaside setting.


Our seminar room is the perfect space for your corporate meetings, presentations, or training sessions. Equipped with audiovisual facilities, it can accommodate up to 12 people, providing a modern and comfortable environment for productive work.

It benefits from abundant natural light, creating an inspiring environment to foster creativity and collaboration. Additionally, it is equipped for your professional presentations with a projection screen, a projector, and internet access.

In addition to our meeting room, you can enjoy the facilities of our hotel, our poolside bar, and our fitness room. To enhance your stay, we also offer (in collaboration with our partners) team-building activities on the beach, sea excursions, and outings in the surrounding areas to strengthen your team's cohesion.

Choose Hotel Bellevue Quiberon for your next corporate seminar and provide your colleagues with an environment conducive to reflection, creativity, and relaxation.

Contact us now to reserve our seminar room and plan a successful professional event

Best Western

Hôtel Le Bellevue


4, rue du Tiviec

56170 Quiberon

Tél. : +33(0)2 97 50 16 28

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